In the summertime, Belgium’s big festival season is in full swing. Hundreds of thousands of young music fans make their way across the country to cheer on their favourite bands from the Flemish and Walloon festival fields. And what easier and safer way to get there than by train? Hundreds of thousands of hands and feet will be clapping and stomping in rhythm to a wide variety of music genres, setting the pace anywhere from 90 to 140 beats per minute.

90 bpm also happens to be the tempo a train hits at cruising speed, which inspired the SNCB and AIR to come up with the following campaign slogan: This year, travel to all the summer festivals at 90 beats per minute. The SNCB will be providing festival-goers with a special “party train” so they can already get the party started at the departure station. Free giveaways such as sunglasses, T-shirts, etc. will also be handed out.

The campaign was based on an interactive contest organised via a mini-site, where participants could win a personalised song about their train journey as well as tickets to the big summer festivals. To participate, they had to share the details of their festival itinerary and select their favourite genre (either Hip Hop, Rock or Reggae). Each festival’s winning song was broadcasted as a pre-roll.

SNCB’s “This year, travel to all the summer festivals at 90 beats per minute” campaign was also be featured on radio and social media.

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